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Wheel on the Nile

Days before 9/11/2001, Junior FBI Field Agent Jason Cody, on his final training assignment in Cairo Egypt. During the meeting, his mentor, Mark Rider is killed. Mark’s dying words are, ‘Get tape, attack on US soil!’ Jason’s investigation leads him to Aswan and the last steam-driven paddle boat operating on the Nile, the SS Karim. On the Karim, Jason tracks the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, while being pursued by an Al-Qaeda assassin. He follows a mysterious man to a meeting of the Muslim Brotherhood, where he learns of the attacks on the United States. Jason races against time! Jason must inform Washington in time to stop the attacks. Defend the SS Karim and its passengers against hundreds of armed Fundamentalists. Stop the Muslim Brotherhood from assassinating the Egyptian President and placing its army in the hands of Bin Laden. And what happens to Jason’s sister who is working in the North Tower?

Currently out for Query.

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